Retaining Walls

At Australian Landscaping, Gravity Retaining Walls are our specialty. Whether you are on a hill, a small incline, or just want to add some extra beauty to an existing garden or landscape, our walls are certain to look as though they belong. Whether you are looking for a complete landsacpe redesign, or just add a little bit of beauty to an existing walkway or garden, we have a large selection of styles and colors available to match your exact needs and specifications. Our staff has many years of experience building gravity retaining walls, that will look great, and last for years to come. Led by Juan Zuniga, our retaining walls specialists bring over 12 years of experience in the industry, and have the experience needed to build up to 20 feet high. The photos on our projects page speak for themselves in the beauty and value that we put in to each project.

When you start the design process with Australian Landscaping, you will work one on one with a specialis, who will cover all of the options available; from color, design style, to price range. We work diligently with every project to make sure that our clients stay within their designated budget, and will provide unparalleled customer satisfaction. Below, we will list what initially needs to take place in order for the project to start. Australian Landscaping will come out for the initial consultation and quote accordingly to all the specifications and requirements that are needed. We leave no stone unturned, and are the best at what we do.

What are the requirements for a retaining wall?
Requirements for a wall depend on several different factors:

  • The height of soil which needs to be retained
  • How close to the wall any imposed load on the retained soil would be
  • What measures might be required to fit the wall into the overall development (such as aesthetics or the need to preserve any existing trees)


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Allan Block , Anchor Wall , EPHenry

Belgard , KeyStone Walls , Pave Stone , Techo Bloc



Geogrid-reinforced Retaining Walls
Geogrid reinforcements should be placed continuously throughout their embedment lengths and placed side-by-side to provide 100% coverage at each level. They are anchored at the retaining wall and extend deeply into the soil behind the wall. The geogrid works with the compacted soil and/or stone behind the wall to stabilize the soil and keep it from moving forward and pushing against the back of the block wall.

Walls don't have to be very high to warrant the use of geogrid reinforcing. Even walls as high as 3 ft. can greatly benefit from being reinforced. For smaller residential applications, the minimal additional cost is excellent insurance to ensure that the wall is structurally sound and will not deflect over the years.

Geogrid reinforcing should be used (or may even be required) for reinforcing segmental retaining walls whenever the retaining walls are higher than 3 feet, the retaining wall slopes, there are surcharges (any downward pressures imposed above the wall level, such as parking areas, etc.), the retaining walls are created by moving soil to create additional useable space, or for walls surrounding swimming pools when the wall is being used to hold back soil.